News on Spesati: The telephone order service is active

Simple, fast, direct and accessible to all, from today it will be possible to place your order on, simply by making a phone call!

Problems connecting or using online systems? With a simple call at 070 79 68 318, at the additional cost of only € 1.90, our support guys will follow you step by step and help you in the composition of your order.

ATTENTION, the cost of 1.90 € will cover 4 minutes of phone call and each additional minute will cost 0.50€. Advice? Create your list before making the call, you will cut costs and make the service simpler and faster even for our telephone operators.

Payment must be made on delivery, in cash or by cards.

Shopping on has never been easier!

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Bovino Adulto Entrecote Grain Irlanda

medium weight 0.220 Kg

26.99 €

19.99 €

90.87 € per kg



Pasta De Cecco N49 Pipe Rigate

De Cecco Pipe Rigate n° 49 500 g

1.47 €

1.19 €

2.38 € per kg



Mozzarella Podda 3X100Gr

Podda Mozzarella 3 x 100 g

3.19 €

1.99 €

6.63 € per kg



Croissant Bauli Ciliegia 6 Pz

Bauli i Classici Croissant Ciliegia 6 x 50 g

2.28 €

1.69 €

5.63 € per kg


Mastrolindo Pulito Splend 950m

Mastro Lindo Diluito Pulito Splendente 950 ml

1.72 €

1.29 €

1.36 € per litre



Pavesi Ringo Cacao Tubo

Pavesi Ringo Cacao Tubo 165g

1.43 €

0.99 €

6 € per kg

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