Your time is priceless was started to save you time, months during a lifetime obligatorily passed in line at the supermarket: today, you decide.

You can order your shopping with a few simple clicks or a phone call with home delivery. Choose where and when to receive it, even within two hours!

Choose from thousands of products, from the best brands to discount stores, from ‘zero kilometer’ to bio products: intuitive and simple shopping, a site that takes into account your interests and helps you save time and money.

The best local quality and the best international excellence.

Selected vegetables grown in the vegetable gardens, freshly baked bread, meat from the best farms and regional, national and international counter products. Particular attention is given to products without gluten, lactose, vegan and more! began in Olbia, Sardinia (Italy), by a group of young entrepreneurs with different professional backgrounds: online investments and twenty years of experience in the food sector.

In this small but innovative city, we test the first 10,000 deliveries, customer reactions and critical issues.

After a first year of hard work, the current platform is born, innovative and competitive in every aspect with the biggest national players in the sector. gives you time to spend with your loved ones and promotes beneficial initiatives in favour of the most disadvantaged, with a simple click you can deliver the shopping to associations that deal with the less fortunate.