Legal guarantee

  • What is a legal guarantee

It is the guarantee that exists on all consumer goods purchased on the site and covers the product faults existing at the time of delivery of the goods for a maximum period of 24 months for purchases made by individuals. The legal guarantee of products can not be asserted by those who purchased the products as part of their business or professional activity (in particular, in case of purchase with VAT number).

The legal guarantee of products is governed by the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206/2005) under Articles 122-135.

  • When it applies

All products that present a fault existing at the time of delivery and appear within 24 months from the date of purchase (as proof of purchase receipt) are covered by the legal guarantee. The fault must be reported to the seller within 2 months from the date of the discovery of the defect. Proof of purchase is necessary, it is presumed that defects that occur within 6 months from delivery of the goods existed at that time.

  • What is a faulty product

There is a "fault" when the purchased good:

is not suitable for the use to which goods of the same type are normally used,

does not conform to the description given by the seller and does not possess the qualities of the good that the seller presented to the consumer as a sample or model,

does not present the usual qualities and services of a good of the same type, also taking into account the declarations made in advertising or on labeling,

is not suitable for the particular use desired by the consumer if brought to the knowledge of the seller at the time of purchase.

  • Remedies available to the customer

In case of faulty products, duly reported within the terms, the customer will be entitled to:

in the first instance, repair or replacement of the product, unless the remedy itself is objectively impossible or excessively expensive compared to the other,

in the secondary instance (if the first two remedies are impossible or excessively burdensome, or have not been realised within reasonable terms, or repairs or replacements previously carried out have caused significant inconveniences duly demonstrated), the price reduction or termination of the contract.

A solution is considered "excessively burdensome" if it imposes unreasonable costs on the seller with respect to the alternatives, taking into account the value that the good would have if there were no faults, the entity of the lack of conformity, the possibility that the remedy could be made without significant inconvenience to the consumer.

  • How to use the guarantee

Within two months from the discovery of the defect of a product covered by the legal guarantee of 24 months, the customer can contact via e-mail at [email protected] denouncing the defect and sending a photo of the defective item together with the receipt. It is therefore necessary to remember to keep the receipt for at least two years. Subsequently the customer will be contacted by the customer service of spesati.