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Spesati offers its service in various regions of Italy. When you shop with us, we try to deliver the groceries with our team. To do this, we send your order to the nearest Spesati warehouse we operate from.

We automatically try to match your order with the closest warehouse by checking your address. Sometimes, for example when you are not logged in, we can't do this. From this page you can view which warehouse your current delivery address will be served from, and if needed, you can change it.

Warehouse information is also displayed next to the search bar when you are viewing the wrong product listings compared to your session.

We still allow you to view and browse our various warehouses so you can check our products without giving us any information. Different locations may have different products available to them as we try to partner with local producers which may have different offerings.

Your current order will be prepared from: Olbia

View products available in our different warehouses using the table below

Note that if your address is not covered by our direct service, we will ship your order via courrier from Olbia.

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National and international shipping from Olbia View Choose
Olbia View Choose
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Sassari View Choose