Cannabis Light Sarda at home

Sardinian sativa hemp TIA MARIA now available on Spesati


Tia Maria, more commonly known as cannabis Light, is derived from the female inflorescences of cannabis sativa, whose THC content is between 0.2% and 0.6%.


The psychotropic substances of this type of cannabis are not such as to cause alterations or other neurological anomalies, above all because the most relevant psychoactive content is represented by the CBD.


This is present in large percentages within the cannabis light inflorescences, but the effects it gives to the smoker are mainly two: relaxation and a slight pain-relieving effect.


The so-called "high effects" typical of THC (euphoria, excitement, etc.) cannot be found, precisely because it cannot be defined as an amazing substance.


In any case, its consumption, according to those who have tried it, is pleasantly relaxing and with anti-stress effects, ideal for giving yourself a well-deserved moment of relaxation.


Each pack of cannabis light is sold sealed and the advice is to keep it until use.


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