Low prices for everyone: the more you purchase, the more you save!

Spesati.it, online supermarket with home delivery, changes the rules of the game and focuses on automatic discounts valid for everyone, always active and combinable even with offers on current products!

We fight the price increases and reward the loyalty of our customers: the more often you order your home shopping on Spesati which, we remind you, provides for delivery in a time slot of your choice even within two hours, the more you save money and time. Here are the magical automatic Spesati discounts that the system will recognize you at the last step of the checkout, just before finalising the order:

  • 10% discount on purchased products if up to 2 weeks have passed since your last order
  • 5% discount on products purchased if up to 4 weeks have passed since your last order

Remember, you will see the discount on the shopping only at the end of the order and it will not be necessary to do anything, just add your products to the cart in a few seconds, choose the address, day and time of delivery (even within two hours), choose the payment method and any notes.

The game is done! Spesati prepares your shopping by selecting the products exclusively from the individual reference warehouses, with internal butchers, fishmongers and fruit and vegetables. Delivery will be made with Spesati vehicles and employees in the areas served directly, such as most of Sardinia, and with temperature-controlled vehicles throughout Italy.


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